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Summit Properties, Inc.

Summit Properties, Inc.

Summit Properties, Inc. is a family-owned commercial real estate investment and management company founded in 1904 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

We specialize in making timely strategic investments in mid-sized commercial properties in neighborhoods that are improving and are close to major transportation arteries that the company can hold long-term. While Summit customarily buys existing assets, we have also successfully developed and redeveloped properties. Summit is uniquely positioned to offer the sophistication and stability of a large company with the responsiveness and personal service of a small one. Close, long-term relationships with professionals in the market, direct tenant engagement, and the ability to make all cash offers allows Summit to stand out amongst its competitors…

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Summit’s investment philosophy is simple: To buy and manage properties we are proud to own both today and in the long-term, and to take that same long-term approach to our relationships. We focus on quality and location of our buildings, our environmental footprint, our long-term financial performance, our responsibility to the community and our commitment to our tenants….

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Join the Summit family! We partner with our tenants to make their businesses stronger. Our dedication to customer service stems from our patriarch, Philip B. Feldman, who believed in the importance of building long-term partnerships rather than short-term gain….


Today, Summit Properties, Inc. is a majority women-owned business. Marcia Weiss, Nicole Kurosaki and Emily Einhorn are fourth-generation owners and operators. Marcia is a licensed realtor in the Portland community and has served as an advisor to Summit. Nicole serves as Summit’s Secretary of the Board. Emily serves as Chairperson of the Board….